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MoreThanMarks has alot to share

MoreThanMarks provides end-to-end support to schools for integrating e-learning into their curriculum.

About Us?

  • MoreThanMarks is a non-profit program, owned and operated by Maslow Initiative. We train students in 21st century skills in a way that is exciting and also relevant for our students. We have a new outlook for education – more practical, more hands-on, more real-world.

  • We have two programs that are running

What We Provides

  • Bootcamp :

    1. It is a 15 days skill based learning program

    2. We train students for 6 days and next 5 days they work on a project

    3. Students get certified for each Bootcamp

  • Expert Session :

    1. We help your child be future-job ready with a confidence and personality only the top minds possess! 👋

    2. Each Saturday we call experts from the industry and they come and guide our students.

Our Aim :

  • Learn : Students should be able to use the Internet to learn about any topic they are interested in on their own.

  • Earn : They should have enough digital skills, English skills, and other know-hows to start becoming financially independent

  • Guide : Students should know what their options are. What opportunities exist.

  • Train : Train Educators with our newer, short-term rewards driven, more hands-on, more practical way of learning.

  • Understand : Understand the most basic problems faced by Teachers and Students, and try to figure out sustainable solutions to these.

Our Vision

We want every child to be equipped with the right resources and right guidance which enables them to self-learn and figure out what they want to become and how they can get there.

Have Any Questions?

MoreThanMarks is available 24×7 to answer all your questions! Feel free to contact us below.

Our Partners


About us

Contact Us

5th floor, SBS Road
Opp Sahakari Bhandar
Near Sassoon Dock Colaba 
Bus Depot,
Mumbai 400005

Phone: +91 72899 26396 /+91 79052 52204

MoreThanMarks is available 24×7

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Funded by Dr. Aniruddha Malpani

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