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Revolutionise customer service with chatbot

Say goodbye to long wait times and frustrating interactions.Get personalised chat bots!




Natural language


Quick response time

Let’s transform your customer service with automation 😉

Powered by AI, and built for customer service leaders

Quick and Efficient Responses

responds to customer inquiries almost instantly, without any delay!

24/7 Availability

Provide Customers can get assistance at any time of the day or night.

Real-time Data

Provides real-time data from the website, ensuring that customer stays up-to-date.


Why to choose us?

Our Chat Bot AI Enhances Customer Support with Real-Time Data Access and Analysis


₹1,499 INR/Month


Data from 25 webpages

50 chats

Basic Dashboard


₹4,999 INR


Data from 100 webpages

500 chats

Advanced Dashboard

UI personalisation


₹9,999 INR


Data from 500 webpages

5000 chats

Advanced Dashboard

UI personalisation

Add custom buttons

Add upto 5 users

24x7 live support

Looking for something else ? 

The Ultimate Customer Support Solution

Make your customers feel that it’s you!

Chatbot UIUX design.png

How to integrate it?

Integrate this to your website in just 1 simple step


Add the script tag

We will share and you need to add it to the end of body tag of your main html file.

Untitled design (4).png

BE Chats


You are done! 😍︎

You have successfully integrated Beyond Exams Chat Widget on your website. 

You should see the chat head on the bottom right corner of your website.

Transform your customer experience

Automate conversations on 35+ channels across voice and text and serve customers 24×7 with our Dynamic AI Agents.


Streamline Customer Support


Boost Customer Engagement


Drive Conversational Commerce

Enterprises love us

Enterprises love us because we offer customized chatbot solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Customer service is hard, we know how to make it easy!

Did we miss anything?

Reach out to us at 😊

Thanks for reaching out to us!

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