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Orphanage Bootcamps

Frame sentences using Inflectional Endings

MoreThanMarks conducts 15-days training bootcamps for students at Orphanages.

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Why to Join

Learn to frame sentences from words

Why Join

Project you will work on

Write a resume for someone else

90-second speech planner

Project you will work on

How much Time will it take

15 days!

This includes interacting with our experts, attending exciting sessions, working on hands-on projects and getting lifetime access to our community!

How much Time will it take

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Day 1: Introduction to resume writing

Day 2: Draft a rough resume using word.

Day 3: Help the use templates

Day 4: Build your resume using Canva.

Day 5: Group Resume critiques

Day 6: 90-second speech planner


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About us

Contact Us

5th floor, SBS Road
Opp Sahakari Bhandar
Near Sassoon Dock Colaba 
Bus Depot,
Mumbai 400005

Phone: +91 72899 26396 /+91 79052 52204

MoreThanMarks is available 24×7

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