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Orphanage Bootcamps

Learn Grammar with Fun Activities

MoreThanMarks conducts 15-days training bootcamps for students at Orphanages.

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Why to Join

Learn English grammar with fun activities

Why Join

Project you will work on

Telephone activity

It is an activity where students will listen to their peers carefully and write a paragraph on it.

Project you will work on

How much Time will it take

15 days!

This includes interacting with our experts, attending exciting sessions, working on hands-on projects and getting lifetime access to our community!

How much Time will it take

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Day 1: Introduction to frequent adverbs with Daily routines.

Day 2: Frequent adverbs and daily routines - Session 2

Day 3: The world of movies with Present simple. (Take quick revision in first 10 mins)

Day 4: Activity-based on Noun. (Take quick revision in first 10 mins)

Day 5: Teach a/an/the with scrabble.


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About us

Contact Us

5th floor, SBS Road
Opp Sahakari Bhandar
Near Sassoon Dock Colaba 
Bus Depot,
Mumbai 400005

Phone: +91 72899 26396 /+91 79052 52204

MoreThanMarks is available 24×7

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